10 Secret AI Tools to Make Your Brand Go Wow!

We all know of famous Big Tech generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Copilot, and Dall-E3. But there are a lot more generative AI tools out there in the market that you have never heard of.

In this free report, we will look at the amazing ones that you may not be aware of. These powerful AI tools give you access to unbelievable capabilities to turbo-charge your brand ahead of your competitors.

1. RenderNet

Create AI avatars with character consistency

RenderNet.ai allows you to create photorealistic AI avatars with complete control and consistency. They have the following powerful AI tools:


Consistent characters… always!

Upload a photo of a person and create realistic AI characters with the same face.


Break free from the prompt!

Use source photos to set composition, outlines, character poses, and patterns in your generations.


No need for complex inpainting!

Simply upload an image, type what you want to change, what you want to change it to, and hit ‘Change It’.

Multi model generations

One-click magic!

Select multiple models and run the same prompt on all of them in one go.


A powerful AI playground for pros!

Explore new advanced ways of generating and editing AI images with ease.

2. FaceMagic

Swap faces on any videos and photos.

FaceMagic is a suite of fun AI tools. It is available as an Android and iOS/iPadOS app as well as a web app. But the most powerful tool of all is FaceSwap. It can swap any faces in images and videos with any faces you provide.

Why would you want to use FaceMagic’s FaceSwap when RederNet‘s FaceLock feature already exists?

Well, there are two reasons:

  • Images produced by FaceLock are not as good as the ones produced by FaceSwap.
  • RederNet cannot produce videos, whereas FaceSwap can work on videos.

Ethical Concerns

You can imagine that FaceMagic’s FaceSwap feature has the potential to produce AI deep fakes. This has serious ethical implications.

According to their FAQ, they have inappropriate content detection. So, anyone misusing their tool to produce inappropriate images will be caught. Also, since all image and video processing is done on their servers, there may be an audit trail.

Use this powerful feature ethically and responsibly!

3. Face Generator

Generate photorealistic faces for your AI avatars.

Face Generator is an AI tool that lets you create a unique person with your parameters in one click. Parameters include head pose, age, hair colour, skin tone, and so on.

4. Lovo

Create hyper realistic AI voices that captivates your audience.

What if you do not want to use your voice for your AI avatar?

Not to worry.

You can use Lovo to generate a unique hyperealistic voice.


5. HeyGen

Effortlessly produce studio-quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices.

HeyGen allows you can create stunning presentation videos in minutes instead of hours. First, choose from over 100+ AI avatars or create your own. Then choose from a collection of high-quality voices or record your own. You can select from an extensive array of ready-to-use templates for any scenario, or begin with a clean slate.

You can also effortlessly translate your videos using their one-click solution that clones your natural speaking voice and style for seamless delivery in other languages.

Below is what HeyGen can do:

What if you want to replace the provided avatar with a unique AI face?

Easy, just use FaceMagic (mentioned above) to swap the avatar’s face with another face. Also, you can generate a unique face with Face Generator (mentioned above) to swap with.

What if you do not want to use your voice?

Easy, just use Lovo (mentioned above) to use a different voice.

6. BHuman

Clone yourself with personalised AI videos.

BHuman allows you to clone yourself (face and voice) to produce personalised videos for thousands of people. The beauty of BHuman is that they can mass-produce personalised videos from video templates for each of your recipients.

Think of it as Microsoft Word’s ‘mail merge’ but for videos.

7. PixVerse

Create breath-taking videos with text and image prompts.

PixVerse transform your ideas into stunning visuals with its powerful video creation platform. You just enter your ideas in text or image with text and it will create videos in these styles:

  • Photorealistic
  • Anime
  • 3D animation
  • Computer graphics

Below is a showcase of what it can create.

8. SoundRaw

Make unlimited music with AI.

SoundRaw lets you create unique songs in just a few clicks. Generate unlimited royalty-free music to use in your songs, projects and videos. Distribute your music anywhere and earn money on the royalties forever.

Click here to create your AI music with literally just several clicks of the mouse button.

9. Remove.bg

Remove image background.

Remove.bg helps you save time by using AI to cut out the background of your photos.

10. Unscreen

Remove background in videos.

Unscreen uses AI to remove the background of the video. Below is a real-life example of what it can do: