About Stratigus

We are an agency where we are passionate about technology, the Internet, business and how humans interact with them. We understand you and your business to work out the best solutions and strategies for your business’s online presence.

Leave the technology to us. We manage technology for you. You focus on your business.

No log-ins and online accounts are required to work with us. We provide the human touch.

How we can help you

Technology AdviceWe Advise and Guide You Along the Way

We are always available for you to talk to us. No questions are too stupid for us to answer.

Website maintenanceWe Build Your Websites and Social Media Pages and Keep Them Up and Running

No need for you to understand what the techno mumbo-jumbos mean. Just tell us what you want. We work out the rest. You see results.

Our Promise to You

Your Ideas Realised

When you talk, we not only listen, but also work with you to create the best solutions.

Passion for Design

We are always on the lookout for fresh ways to make your brand make an impact.

Quality Delivered

We are pretty nitpicky about our own work, which means quality is at the core of everything we do for you.

Creative Solutions

We are solutions-oriented thinkers. When we are stuck, we find a way to keep going, or look for different ways to approach the issue.

Our Management Team

Terence Kam
Terence Kam Director

Terence is the founder of Stratigus.

Bernee Lee
Bernee Lee Head of Design

Bernee is the co-founder of Stratigus.

Our Clients