Website Building & Design

Web Design

You focus on your business, we focus on your websites.

Your website is the window to your brand. We make your website impressive.

Don’t worry about missing out on the essential pieces of content every business website must have. We ensure all the details are not forgotten.


Different service levels for different stages of your business.

Basic Web BuildingBasic
(From. $2,000)

This plan is suitable for those starting a new business and needing a simple website quickly.

You tell us about your business. We search among our thousands of pre-manufactured website templates and choose 3 that are best for your business. You select one of them and provide us with the content (e.g. images, copy). Then we build your website using your chosen template and content.

Additional charges apply if you need us to create or source the content for you.

Growing businessCustom
(From $4,000)

This plan is suitable for businesses that are starting to grow and need custom-designed websites to look more unique.

You give us your design brief. Our web designer works on it. You see the design, give us feedback and we work according to your feedback. After that, we build your website.

Additional charges apply if you need us to create or source the content for you (e.g. images, copy).

Brand IdentityUnique Brand
(Talk to Us for Pricing)

This plan is for businesses that want to build unique brands and stand out among the crowd.

We interview you about your business extensively. Then we do market and competitor research. Next, we produce a bespoke branding design that encompasses all aspects of your business (e.g. logo, web design, colours, email signature, stationaries, social media images). You give us feedback on every stage of the brand development and we refine our designs even further. Finally, we build the design.


Do you provide domains and web hosting?

For the best experience, minimal fuss and no frustration, we recommend that you host your domain and website with us. When you do that, we are in the best position to ensure that everything just works. Check out our domain hosting and web hosting services.

Can I transfer our existing domain and web hosting to you?

Yes, no problem. In fact, we can do the transfer for you for free!