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Google is going to ONLY index UNIQUE ideas?

No, Google is not going to abandon its mission. It is going to continue its mission with a twist.

Google will no longer index your content by default

This is one of the most consequential news for the Internet. What does it mean for you?

Can your business be destroyed by capricious Big Tech web-hosting?

All Big Tech web-hosting platforms have Terms of Service (TOS). How they enforce their TOS can present an unacceptable risk to business owners.

Making it easy for your Southeast Asian and Chinese customers to pay you- Introducing AliPay+

How to show only one single QR code for your Southeast Asian and Chinese customers to pay from different e-wallet apps.

Is your online advertising going to crumble with Google’s coming killing of 3rd-party cookies?

In a few months, Google will kill 3rd-party cookies, which is the staple of advertising technology. Are you ready?

Are spammers/scammers forging your email and ruining your reputation?

Here’s how you can detect it happening and foil their efforts.

LinkedIn alone will limit you as a thought leader

If you make LinkedIn your main content platform, you will be throwing away your potential as a thought leader.

Is your business a serf under social media’s feudalism?

If your business uses its social media page as its ‘website’, it is a serf under the social media lords. Why is it bad for your business?

Be the best is bad advice today- Be the FIRST instead!

This advice is very counterintuitive. It goes against the grain of conventional wisdom that we have learnt since we were children.

Does your business have Zero-Moment-Of-Truth BEFORE it can start selling?

You will know you have reached the holy grail of marketing when you can just tell your prospective customers/clients to “google” your name/brand.

Has your business become an accidental spammer?

Remember to check that your marketing emails don’t get flushed into the spam folder!

6 secret tricks to seize the competitive advantage for your ecommerce store

Although they are incredibly simple, I can tell you that most of your competitors will not be using them unless they are reading this article too.

How did Robert Kiyosaki avoid becoming a commodity?

In 1996, Robert Kiyosaki was preparing his Cashflow game for final production, when he encountered a very serious business problem.

What’s worse than having no social media strategy?

It’s a bad ‘social media strategy’.

Can you be an authority without titles and formal qualifications?

How do you feel about the idea of becoming an authority without the title and formal qualifications?

Rich Dad: A truly great business must have a business and spiritual mission

Does your business have both business and spiritual mission? If not, it will slowly begin to die!

Your emails sent to Gmail may be going to bounce

After February 2024, if you find your emails that are sent to Gmail addresses are bouncing, it will be probably because your domain has been improperly configured.